Hi! I'm Irene from My Therapist Said. My mission is to promote positive thinking and destigmatize talking about mental health through eco-friendly apparel.

I noticed that a lot mental health fashion reinforces negative labels by talking about being anxious or falling apart. Don't get me wrong- I completely understand the need for a community of like-minded individuals!

But my therapists have told me that the way we think about ourselves influences how we feel. If your brain keeps telling you negative thoughts (you know... like how stupid you are, how you're a failure, you're a disappointment...) then OF COURSE you're going to start believing those thoughts, and then you'll feel that you actually are those things.

My mission with My Therapist Said is to tell you that you are not your thoughts. Those pesky intrusive thoughts you keep having? You can't get rid of them entirely, but you have control over how much they hurt you. And you don't have to let your trauma hold you back.

I've experienced childhood trauma, sexual assault, and countless other unpleasant life experiences, and as a result, I suffer from a few mental health issues and have been a highly sensitive person my whole life. But- I became the first in my family to graduate from college. And I got a Master's degree! And I've more or less overcome depression (still working on the anxiety and mood swings though). By tackling my negative, intrusive thoughts with my therapist (and some medication), I was able to let go of my past and start working towards my future.

I want to help you empower your mental health journey.


Take a moment to yourself. Close your eyes if you need to. If you're sitting down, un-cross your legs. Notice your thoughts go by. Try to visualize each thought as train car, circling by your head, one by one. Each thought is its own car that you can observe passing by. These train cars are something you have, not something you are. In this state you may notice that you have a core self, a self deep within you who is the one able to observe your thoughts. Your thoughts can't hurt you, your core self, unless you let them.

Let's talk about mental health.

My mission is to destigmatize talking about mental health in the workplace and to promote mindfulness through eco-friendly apparel. Each of our designs is inspired by the pearls of wisdom that my therapist has taught me over the years. - Irene